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About East Tree CBD

We started this business because we are very passionate about the health benefits of the Hemp plant. We work with local farms and processors to create superior hemp extracted, CBD products. This means we are involved in crafting our
products from seed to shelf. We couldn’t find a CBD dispensary in Indianapolis that was doing just and wanted to know why.

While educating ourselves in the science behind the health benefits of the hemp plant we broadened our passion to the overall health and wellness for both humans and pets. Now we devote our lives to educating and coaching people to feel better, sleep better, live better, all while offering the highest quality products that will assist in this lifestyle. So, as you can see, we’ve opened our own CBD Dispensary.

At the East Tree CBD, we’re a dispensary that offers a different environment. We don’t want you to come in so we can simple sell you a product. We want to get to answer your questions and get to know you. We offer a relaxed, friendly environment with a ton of personality. Here you can explore a variety of CBD products as well as other health and wellness products, learn more about . Whether it’s CBD concentrates, topicals and beauty, or even CBD pet care, all of our CBD or health and wellness products offer benefits for a variety of symptoms. Let our knowledgeable staff provide assistance in matching you with the best CBD to meet your needs. 

So, again, whether you’re a seasoned know it all or new to CBD, you’ll be able to learn all about CBD, the Endocannabinoid system, and how the chemicals and receptors in your body interact with CBD (Cannabidiol). We want to help you understand just how our particular products can improve your daily life. There is free coffee and spring water to enjoy during your visit as well. Our commitment to you is ensuring your visit is fun, convenient, efficient, and beneficial.

We’ll go above and beyond for our clientele by providing the highest quality CBD products through our relationships with local farms and processors. This means we are involved in crafting our products from seed to shelf. Our mission is to be your go to CBD Dispensary in Indianapolis. We’re going to anticipate our clients’ diverse needs by giving them options for efficient online orders and delivery through our website, or exceptional, personalized customer service in our centrally-located store in downtown Indianapolis.


East Tree CBD Dispensary in Indianapolis

Quality is what East Tree Stands for. We are devoted to offering the best CBD products by being present and working through every aspect of the creation process. This ensures that our CBD is of the highest quality in Indianapolis and that our community receives the best experience possible.

How we do it:

● Built a customized grow-house to optimize the growing process.
● Handpick the CBD seeds.
● Select only top quality oils, edibles and other products that have gone through
rigorous quality testing.
● Closely monitor the operations and testing of the CBD product infusion in partnership with our farms and processors.
● Choose sustainable packaging processes to minimize waste and a partnership with One Tree Planted.

We have always been passionate about health, wellness, sustainability and value the multiple benefits of CBD. We drive our customer services so we can be the best CBD Dispensary in Indianapolis. Come see for yourself.


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Locally Grown

East Tree CBD works with local farms in Indiana for the hemp in our products. Everything is grown organically on our partner farms throughout Indiana. This
allows us to obtain top quality, chemical-free, locally grown hemp. We love to support our local partners and community.

High Quality CBD Products

High Quality

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Quality is what East Tree CBD stands for. There isn’t a step in the process that we aren’t a part of. We are devoted to offering the best CBD products by taking a hands on approach and working through every to ensure the highest quality CBD in Downtown Indianapolis.

Lab Tested CBD Product

Lab Tested

Once harvested, the hemp goes to our local processing facility. By using state of the art extraction equipment and medical grade lab facilities, we are able to transform the hemp into the products you know and love. We love to help our clients learn, grow, and live their best lives.

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221 North East Street Indianapolis, IN 

Hours of Operation: M-S 11:00am-8:00pm

Closed Sunday

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