Exciting News: East Tree CBD’s 3rd Dispensary Opening Soon!

East Tree CBD is excited to announce the grand opening of our third dispensary on March 1st, 2024, situated at 2170 E 116th St, Carmel, IN. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve been committed to promoting the health benefits of hemp-derived CBD products. From seed to shelf, we oversee the production process to ensure the highest quality standards.

What are the benefits of Vaping CBD?

CBD Cartridges, Delta 8 THC Cartridges, Delta 10 THC Cartridges, East Tree CBD

Vaping is a quick and effective way to experience the benefits of CBD. Vaping is not a new smoking craze to hit the market by any means. But, vaping CBD and other derivitives  allows you to inhale vapor rather than conventional smoke. Vaping is becoming increasingly popular among CBD users due to it’s availability, effectiveness, […]

Dabbing Delta 8 THC!!!

Hemp Hop CBG Distillate Wax at Downtown Indy

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So what exactly is the difference between wax, shatter, and crumble when it comes to concentrates?

Concentrated cannabis is as old as recorded history; in fact, it’s highly probable all of our ancestors were soaking hemp in alcohol or oil and anointing each other like the prehistoric stoners they were. Just like in biblical times, many recreational enthusiasts and medicinal users alike prefer concentrated products over flower. But in 2019, we’ve moved beyond the oil vs. alcohol dichotomy. Today, it’s the post-extraction processing that differentiates most concentrated cannabis products. Post-extraction processing is what gives budder its rich, fatty consistency, sugar its delicate, honey-colored grains, and crumble its sticky, cakey morsels. If you’ve ever been unsure of the differences between these concentrates, you’ve come to the right place.

All cannabis extracts are created either with or without solvents. Solvents like butane and ethanol, as well as the solventless CO2 and heat/pressure extraction methods, have led to significant breakthroughs in how we concentrate cannabis. But it’s what happens after all this processing that significantly affects the texture and how easily we consume the product as a result. Classic stoner vernacular can make keeping track of what’s what a pain to say the least. So allow me to break down the common dab types and what sets each of them apart from their shelf-mates.


Think of a concentrate like an egg. There are a variety of ways to cook it, but the end result is still an egg whether you fry it, poach it, or scramble it. Cannabis concentrates work in much the same way. There are structural similarities between wax, shatter, and crumble, but how it’s made is what makes all the difference. The first question a lot of users have is, “Which one is the most potent?”

CBD + THC: Myths and Misconceptions

cbd vs. thc: clearing up any misconceptions

CBD + THC: Myths and Misconceptions.

In this article we’ll discuss the common myths that CBD has in comparison to THC. We’ll also feature the benefits, side effects, and the proper tools and resources we offer at East Tree CBD to help you find the right product for you!

What is my proper CBD Dosage? A great article from projectcbd.org

FInding the right CBD dosage can be tricky. That’s why at East Tree CBD we take the time to listen to what your ailments are, recommend the speciic prouct and starting dosage in order to get your relief started. Stop by the Dispensary today to learn more and find what you’e been missing.