what is the difference between cbd shatter crumble and diamonds

What Is the Difference Between CBD Shatter, Crumble, and Diamonds?

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With the federal government’s legalization of CBD products, the number of products and formulations has exploded on the market. This often leaves consumers new to the use of CBD with a sense of confusion when trying to choose which formulation is right for their health and wellness needs.

At East Tree Dispensary, we help educate our customers about the different CBD and THC products options. Lately, we have had a lot of questions about the use of shatter, crumble, and diamond CBD. To understand the differences, here is a simple explanation of each.

CBD Shatter

CBD shatter has a gold to amber color and is brittle and almost glass-like in appearance. It is translucent and easy to break into small pieces that are easily used for dabbing on dab rigs. It is easy to store in a sealed container and is one of the more potent concentrates, which makes it a good choice for many users.

CBD Crumble

CBD crumble is similar to CBD wax. It is also a concentrate, but it has more moisture, resulting in a grainy or crumbly consistency. It is not as liquid as wax, which is almost like honey in consistency. Crumble is also easy to store, and it also can be used for dabbing or vaping. It can also be sprinkled in very small amounts on flower for traditional smoking.

CBD Diamonds

CBD diamonds are a pure form of CBD isolate without terpenes or other compounds. This is a product that resembles diamonds and is hard and solid. This formulation is typically dabbed. As diamonds are naturally tasteless, they are often dabbed with what is known as “terp sauce” to give the robust and natural profile of CBD.

For more information on different CBD products and formulations, talk to our staff or send us an email.

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