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Why quality matters when it comes to CBD

Don’t just buy any CBD. Quality Matters.

It goes to show that we personally believe in the natural, potent power of cannabis and all the goodness CBD may bring to the world — however, not all CBD is equal. Quality matters. CBD begins its life as a plant. Where this plant is grown, how it is cared for, and how it is processed all will affect the quality of the CBD oil it eventually becomes. 

Hemp and cannabis, plants become deeply rooted into the earth as they grow — making them a part of their environment and able to easily absorb whatever is in the ground where it is farmed. High-quality CBD comes from high-quality, healthy, and rich soil. When it comes time to harvest, it is often best to utilize all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids of the cannabis plant to fully harness nature’s potency — this is often referred to as a “full plant” or “full spectrum”. Full spectrum CBDx` will contain not just the beneficial CBD compound, but also additional ingredients in hemp that many believe work in harmony with CBD to increase the potency and benefits. 

Some extraction methods used to obtain full plant oil can mean toxic solvents, which are inexpensive, but damaging to both the CBD and to your health. A high-quality extraction substrate — like organic, food grade ethanol — can be used as a gentle and effective way to remove toxins and unneeded components of the hemp plant while providing a high amount of cannabinoids and other desirable components in the final product. This method is safe and gentle and yields a high-quality and trustworthy CBD product.

With our collection of tinctures, available in 500mg, 1000mg and 1500mg strengths, both full spectrum and broad spectrum, and we maintain the highest standards of quality control, carefully curate our partner products, and harness all of the goodness of the cannabis plant.

All of our other products — our Selection of Delta 8 THC, CBD, and CBC Tinctures, Cartridges and Edibles — utilize high quality hemp that has undergone strict testing to ensure it is the best purity possible and free from any potentially harmful additives or residual solvents. 

Hemp is used for CBD products because it contains higher levels of CBD and lower THC, which is the component that can provide the “buzz” or “high” that some associate with cannabis. Improper processing can affect the levels of the different components in CBD products, so quality processing by an experienced company is important. Our hemp plants have been cultivated for Federally legal, naturally low levels of THC, so there’s no intoxicating effects

A recap

As a trustworthy CBD brand here at East Tree, we also utilize third-party lab testing on all of our products. These labs exist entirely to help consumers know how to trust CBD products and companies, by testing for impurities, levels of CBD, THC and verifying the quality of other ingredients. In addition to testing we use the best natural ingredients we can find, creating products in craft-sized batches with our local farm partners. We maintain strict control over strengths and purity backed by third-party lab testing. This ensures that you are getting the best quality CBD products that are the most effective for your everyday needs. 

Of course, we are so grateful CBD is gaining popularity, but this can make it hard to know how to find CBD products you can trust. Cultivation matters, Integrity matters, Quality matters. Providing consumers with information to help them feel confident in choosing what CBD company or product might be best for their needs is just another way to show we care. Because put simply, we care deeply about the care of our community. 

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