Habit Savage Gummies (Strawnana)


$ 45

Formulated for the highest of tolerances, Habit’s new Savage Edition gummies pack a hard hitting combo of THCP, D10 THC and D9 THC. Use extreme caution with these gummies, and definitely do not eat if you have plans that may require you to remain conscious and/or coherent.
Savage Edition gummies are not recommended for novices, and may result in naps exceeding 24 hours, missed days at work, and out of body experiences. If you are a high tolerance champion looking for a gummy that truly slaps, then our new Savage Edition flavors are sure to impress.
Each gummy contains: 20MG Delta-9 THC + 5MG THCP+ 5MG D10 THC
Each bag contains 10 gummies