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Hemp Hop Fruity OG Live Resin

$ 40.00

This Hemp Hop Fruity OG Live Resin has a sweet distinct aroma and it’s high in both Cannabinoids & Terpenes. It tested high in the terpenes Farnesene (1.54%), Caryophyllene (1.02%), & Myrcene (0.99%).


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Similar extraction method to the Otto II: The terpenes are first vacuum extracted without a solvent, then the same material is processed and refined using chromatography to remediate remaining THC.

1 gram of "Fruity OG" Live Resin , from the cultivar Sour Space Candy. Compatible with the Puffco concentrate vaporizer.

Total CBD: 85.13%

Total CBDv: 0.56%

Total CBG: 0.66%

Total THC: 0.28%

Total Cannabinoids: 86.86%

Total Terpenes: 5.85%

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