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Hemp Hop Lifter Live Resin

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Hemp Hops Lifter Live Resin concentrate is finally here! This citrus-y, lemon live resin packs a harder punch and is filled with terpenes such as Myrcene (2.01%), Caryophyllene (1.87%), & Humulene (0.67%). Lifter Live Resin tests high in cannabinoids coming in at 76.19% and total CBD testing at 63.50%

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Hydrocarbon extract

Total CBD: 63.50%

Total Cannabinoids: 76.19%

Total Terpenes: 7.78%

Delta 9 THC: 0.28%

THCa: 3.29%

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1 review for Hemp Hop Lifter Live Resin

  1. tim

    Awesome sauce. Literally.

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