Hixotic Magic Mushies 2CT


$ 40

Introducing Hixotic Magic Mushies 2CT – an innovative and potent wellness supplement. Hixotic, a pioneer in health and personal enhancement, presents the remarkable benefits of mushrooms in a unique, highly-concentrated gummy format.
Each package of Hixotic Magic Mushies contains two gummies, each imbued with 2.5mg of our proprietary mushroom compound blend. It’s important to note that these gummies do not contain psilocybin or hemp derivatives, ensuring they meet legal standards and dietary restrictions.
Our exclusive blend is celebrated for its potential to elevate mood, increase energy and focus, induce euphoria, and stimulate creativity. These gummies provide a convenient, enjoyable way to experience the profound benefits of mushrooms.
The Hixotic Magic Mushies are known for their potency. In line with our commitment to safe and responsible use of wellness supplements, we recommend starting with a low dose and adjusting gradually as needed – start low and go slow.
Please note that this product contains a powerful proprietary blend of nootropics, and ingestion may result in changes to reality, disorientation of time, and hallucination.