Weed the People HAPPINESS PURSUITS Gummies


$ 40

HAPPINESS PURSUITS Gummies by We(ed) the People (20 Gummies per Bottle)
CBD: 15mg
CBG: 15mg
Delta 8 THC: 10mg
Each one of these delicious hand-crafted, infused gummies are derived from premium, American-grown hemp and are perfectly dosed to provide the full mind & body support you need to maximally enjoy | enhance | energize your every day Pursuits of Happiness!
CBD: promotes mental calming; functions as a mood booster; helps deal with mental roadblocks such as stress & anxiety.
CBG: Physical / bodily benefits; supports healthy inflammatory response; muscle / bone / joint relaxation (& recovery).
Delta 8 THC: we’ll call it your “super powers’… Enhance it all.
Eat one (1) infused gummy & wait 30 – 45 minutes before consuming more.
Please Note: Cannabis effects everyone differently. Determine what works best for you safely & responsibly.
Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid which has psychoactive & intoxicating effects similar to, but often considered milder in intensity than, those of Delta-9 THC.