Weed the People LIVIN’ THE DREAM – Sleep Gummies


$ 40

LIVIN’ THE DREAM – Sleep Gummies by We(ed) the People (20 Gummies per Bottle)
Per Gummy:
12.5 mg – CBN
12.5 mg – Delta 8 THC
Each one of these delicious hand-crafted, infused gummies are derived from premium, American-grown hemp and are perfectly dosed to help calm your body & mind for a deep and restful night’s sleep.
CBN: Cannabinol (or “CBN”) is known for its sedative properties; considered a natural sleep remedy; promotes deeper & higher quality sleep & relaxation.
CBN is a derivative of THC, the primary psychoactive component of cannabis, and is formed from the oxidation of THC which effectively degrades into CBN.
Some research suggests that five milligrams of CBN is as effective for sleep as 10 milligrams of the pharmaceutical drug Valium (diazepam) which is a part of the very addictive class of drugs “benzodiazepines”. #GrowYourMedicine
CBN also exhibits some pretty powerful anti-inflammatory & antibacterial properties
Helpful hint: you can think of the “N” in “CBN” as meaning “Night/Nighttime”
Delta 8 THC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid which has psychoactive & intoxicating effects similar to, but often considered milder in intensity than, those of Delta-9 THC.
Eat one (1) infused gummy & wait 30 – 45 minutes before consuming more.
Please Note: Cannabis effects everyone differently. Determine what works best for you safely & responsibly.

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