What are CBD Concentrates? Dabs, Crumble, and Shatter?

You may already know that concentrates are available for marijuana. But there’s also a hemp CBD option. You still won’t get high from consuming CBD concentrates but they do have more potent concentrations of cannabinoids.

Especially if you come from an understanding of dabbing and how hard those highs can hit, make sure to erase that from your mind here!

More potency in this case means a higher dose of medicinal unf to bring you quick relief.

But before all of that, what exactly is this stuff? To the uninitiated, it’s extracted cannabinoids, the chemical components of cannabis, that offer a higher percentage CBD than most products typically offer. Companies use an extraction method called supercritical CO2 extraction to pull out a large quantity of cannabinoids and terpenes while limiting as many contaminants as possible.

With purity in mind, CBD concentrates can take a variety of forms, just like marijuana-derived concentrates. These forms include wax, shatter, budder, live resin and crumble.

On our site, we offer crumble and shatter.

Why Should You Consider CBD Concentrates?

If you’re familiar with CBD, you may have noticed the price point for concentrates may be higher than your vape oil or edibles. A little can go a long way with this type of product! You’re paying for the high potency and quick, lasting relief. We’ll compare how this matches with other consumption methods below.

Now let’s get into the nitty gritty of why you should get CBD concentrates into your life or your current condition management. Unlike with marijuana-derived concentrates, you don’t have to be worried about consuming too much at once. The only you have in this case is potentially wasting your supply if you get carried away!

Again, there’s no high, so you won’t miss out on productivity because you ingested too much. If you’re already familiar with CBD and other products like gummies or tinctures haven’t been hitting your problem right, give concentrates a shot.

Just like smoking and vaping CBD oil,  the effects are immediate and can last for up to 3 hours. And though you may think concentrates can only be ingested with a rig, you can also use vaporizers! That way, you can keep your relief on you throughout your day.

What tools are necessary for CBD concentrates?

Piggybacking off of how to get concentrates into you, we have some options if you lack tools at home. If you look up a dab rig, you may get intimidated by its intricate glass design and all the additional pieces. Bangers. Enails. Torches.

Our selection isn’t so complicated. You can order a dab rig with select CBD concentrates. Or you can order one of our vaporizers. Since “vapors” is in our name, I’m sure you know we recommend this tool. Again—it’s portable!

Now when it comes to selecting a vaporizer, of course the criteria doesn’t stop there. With vapes, you have to consider temperatures and maintenance of the device.

Heat activates the properties of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Various temperatures cause beneficial reactions. Higher temperatures can help optimize the potency of the CBD and if there are included terpenes—the scent profile of plants that also have medicinal properties.

Dosing and Possible Effects of Ingesting Concentrate

To start off, CBD concentrates may have an overly chill effect on you. It’s not a high, but your level of chill may be uncomfortably, well, chill. Especially if you don’t feel the other products you’ve tried lacked potency.

We have a dosage guide here. But just in general as a reminder, we recommend starting low and going slow with your dosing.

Again, crumble and shatters can contain upward 99% CBD.

So compared to what other CBD things you’ve had the pleasure of exploring, you probably won’t need too much to get the relief.

Also, if you’re familiar with THC tolerance, you may not have to worry about that with CBD. There are studies that reflect that building a CBD tolerance isn’t possible. But there are patrons who claim they’ve needed to increase their dosing over time—though not by a substantial amount.

Be sure to track your usage and work with your physician to find the right balance so that you’re not wasting concentrate. Even with full spectrum product like Hemplucid, the THC is still under 0.3% and more than likely won’t kick off a positive on a drug test.

Full spectrum is great for the entourage effect, which increases the medicinal range of benefits thanks to various cannabinoids and terpenes collaborating.

Various types of profiles for relief and flavor are available with this CBD shatter. They contain properties similar to well-known strains like OG Kush and Pineapple Express.

There’s also drug interactions to be aware of. If you’re taking a prescription, NSAIDs, opiates, or other medications, be sure to research possible effects.

Start Vaping CBD Shatter, Crumbles or Dabs Today!

Now you have a solid overview of the great things to think about and anticipate when you start your journey with CBD concentrates.

We recommend you invest in the Dream if you’re going down the concentrate path. It’ll guarantee the most bang for buck when you buy concentrates.

Or consume concentrates your favorite way! Be sure to share this with anyone who may be wary of this wonderful way of consuming CBD.

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